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Octave Klaba

Born in Poland in 1975, Octave Klaba arrives in France at the age of 16 not speaking a word of French. Passionate about computer science, he earns a computer science degree from ICAM Lille in 1999 and in parallel he creates OVH because of one simple fact: no provider is able to meet his expectations!
18 years later, Octave grows his business from Roubaix, France. From hosting websites to building its own data centers and worldwide network, today OVH is the European cloud leader with 27 data centers across 12 locations around the globe, offices in 19 countries and over 2000 employees.
As Founder and Chairman of the group, Octave leads the company’s vision and the corporate culture. OVH is planning to invest over 1.5 billion euros between 2016 and 2020. Now challenging the American giants Amazon, Google, and Microsoft and China’s Alibaba, OVH wants to be the alternative in the Cloud. A fan of free form organizations, Octave not only promotes openness and collaboration within his company, but it also forms part of his vision of an open and reversible cloud. 

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Monday, October 1

13:00 CEST